Monad Launcher
Boost Your Android Performance

The fastest, lightest, most responsive smart launcher designed to significantly boost your Android phone's performance. This fully customizable Launcher allows you to personalize your phone's design by choosing from a variety of stunning wallpapers, cool themes, and breathtaking animations.

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Monad Launcher Features

Light and Practical UI

Extremely fast and light. Allows full functionality & responsivness to low-end android devices

Speed of Light Performance

Our sophisticated algorithm initiates full deep cleaning, which makes Android Devices run much faster.

Sophisticated Battery Saving

Our Battery Optimizing AI locates misbehaving, rouge and unused apps & blocks them from draining excess power from your Android Device.

an illustration of monad launcher’s interface

Custom Icon Pack

You like the Icons but don't like the theme? No problem. Choose your favorite custom icon pack and apply it without applying the unwanted theme!

Quick Access Panel

Swipe left and you'll see the most relevant information you need to know in a completely new, easy-to-read environment.

Search Box UI

-Search Box with App suggestion
-Voice search shortcut

About Monadon and Monad Launcher

We strive in the fields of App Development, and we do that by devoting countless hours into planning & execution. Through constant research, innovations, and development we aim to provide the best possible functionality and experience to all our users at all times.

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